Elizabeth and I have shot together a few times but it had been a while, so we were both excited to collaborate again. We brought along makeup artist Jess Labbadia to add her magic. It was a beautiful spring afternoon in Manhattan. Our plan was to start in NoHo and wander southeast through the Lower East Side, but once we found so many nice spots and great light on a single block of Bond Street, we did the whole shoot there. For this set she wore a patriotic bodysuit of her own and a tank that I had painted and had never liked, but for some reason had brought along. As I told Elizabeth, she is perhaps the only person who could have made that ugly tank top look good. Elizabeth is a very intelligent person with an amazing personal story and a unique perspective on life, and it was a magically lovely June afternoon, so the whole shoot was a delight.


Elizabeth Pipko // elizabethpipko

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