I'm a professional model and have been for almost seventeen years now. I booked my first campaign at the age of twelve but somehow I feel like I'm only now hitting my stride. The vibe at the shoot was rushed at first as we were trying to get a few shots outdoors before the sun went down and catch the natural light/magic hour. After we got those out of the way, it was pretty chill. We played music and took breaks as needed.

The dresses from the shoot are mine and I'd actually never worn any of them before. I don't really care if something is comfortable or not. I'll do just about anything to get a good shot including climbing a ridiculously high mantelpiece in a mini dress and five inch heels (laughing). Even if I'm incredibly uncomfortable in what I'm wearing or am cold or tired etc. the moment I'm in front of the camera, all of that goes away.

I love shooting in stuff I wouldn't typically wear. It feels like you're in costume so it changes the way you pose, the way you carry yourself, etc. When I'm not on set I just want to be comfortable, honestly. I'm also a bit of a tomboy in that sense. I basically live in black band t's, jeans or cut offs and my doc marten combat boots or biker boots. And leather jackets. Never not in a leather jacket. 

Definitely haven't always been this comfortable in my own skin but years of being in the fashion industry kind of makes you immune to that and very little shocks me any more. I have stylists pick up my boob and drop a cutlet between my breasts and the bra, someone put makeup/rub lotion on my bum... you just kind of get used to it. Zach is incredibly professional and makes me feel like I'm not even showing skin when in fact I'm next to naked. We've shot together a few times and we're friends too so it feels like a safe environment to drop trou in. Shooting whilst showing this much skin though is something that has taken a lot longer for me to get used to. The older I get, the more comfortable in my own skin I become. To me, nudity is powerful, freeing, natural, beautiful... free the nipple!


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