I am twenty-seven from Israel, a professional dancer, fashion designer, sportswear brand owner named "Tender Black Fabric & Motion" and electronic music lover. My day to day routine is divided between running the business I own and coming up with new ideas and visions integrating fashion and dance, my true two loves. I also teach dance classes; that gives me a great amount of satisfaction.

I have to admit that I did not always feel confident. On set, there's a moment where I stop thinking about myself, knowing there are bigger things than my own self-perception and so being fully committed to the vision and the image I'm representing with my body. It happens so often that I feel ugly and hate the make-up and clothes I'm wearing, feeling they are not flattering me, but I came to do the job, to manifest the artistic vision, so I'm being aware to my energy, watching how my criticism just fades away making sure I'm not being negative and not letting this negativity affect the others. Knowing it's all in my head and when I decide to be present and free from negativity, everything will happen in the best way. Being positive, that's the top play; it's most definitely not an easy thing for me, but I'm gonna play it the whole way up.             

Music boosts me up! Without any hesitation, I can say that energy is affected by music. In each and every shooting set I've been, when the music was good and fit the production, everyone was doing their job so much better. Whenever I can, I'm taking charge of choosing the playlists on set or at least ask for a certain type of music. That's the strongest boost I've found, it clears the mind, kinda like cutting off the stream of thoughts and puts everyone on the same frequency.




When I was younger and my mind was free and careless, I had some pretty amazing shooting experiences. I wasn't analyzing each and every little thing, but I guess through the years I became more aware to the consequences of things. Looking back, I can say that I had beginners luck. Later on, I was more aware of myself and my own body, which can be a good thing if you're balanced and you don't criticize yourself too much. So, it took me some time to find that balance, to let go of my self-perception on set and to become one with the artist's vision as if I'm a chameleon. Of course, the fact that I'm a professional dancer helps a lot, because I'm used to being instructed and criticized, while at the same moment I have to react. Being a dancer helps with the connection to my body, recognizing stiffness and physical stress and knowing how to let go and be in the right posture, in the right angles.

I like to accentuate length and movement, mostly arms and legs; I think they can express much. The shape that their creating can make it or break it. 




It was a very funny day. Basically, we ate a lot while trying all sorts of pictures, some with cookies (such a tasty kind) some with baguettes, some of which we chose not to use, but we definitely ate them all. The stylist's mood was to feed us up so we kinda struggled to work since we were too full. Working with Yoad was incredible. The way he uses natural light without any artificial lights is exceptional. It's art, just him and his camera, that's it.

The most comfortable for me, without a doubt, are clothes with lots of fabric, as if they are waving in the space, with fabric that I can play with, to move and mix between fashion and dance. I like big and interesting movement in my shootings, but it's not suitable for every production. The picture I like from this shooting is the one where I'm wearing a nude colour leotard, because there is something unpolished and natural, but in an awkward seating posture. Another one is the pic with the blindfold and the pink t-shirt; I like the proportions and the "z" shape created by the arms.


Van Chriqui // van_chriqui

Yoad Shejtman // yoadsh // yoadsh.tumblr.com // junnnktank.com/yoadshejtman-romejerwais


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