Well, this is the second time I have shot with Viktor. My first time was about a year and a half ago when I first started modeling. While there have been many changes, a lot of things were still the same once Viktor and I linked up again. When I first met Viktor, I didn't really know where to pin his personality. He's got a really interesting sense of humour that I couldn't really catch on to (laughing). Funny that he's the one who thinks that I am a little crazy, eh? (laughing) Memories from shooting with him a second time was being more confident in what I was doing and what we were creating. There was more of a steady flow and this time he knew that I was going to take forever picking out an outfit! Music is definitely a huge factor when shooting with him too. He shares my love for Deftones—and all of their other spin-off bands. Honestly, there is just a lot of laughs and mild debates on random topics in between sets. It's super fun.




I think that Viktor was the one who chose the body suit. It was pretty much just us going through his magical bins of clothing and then deciding on a body suit because we didn't do one the last time. Of course I was taking forever so, I think that also was a contributing factor (laughing). I tried on two and the one we shot in fit way better than the first. I was definitely feeling the choice.

I love body suits! I was pretty stoked to be wearing one. There is just something about them. I definitely think that they have their own kind of statement going on. I wasn't too uncomfortable so, that was nice. I felt good while wearing it. Oddly enough, I feel like they give you a bit of sass and confidence once you put one on. If your legs are already long, you're definitely feeling a bit taller and a bit more bo$$y than before.




Personally, the outfit and the mood definitely play a part in performance. And if I know going into the set what kind of look we are aiming for, it makes it easier for me to get into the role. Viktor was telling me that he wanted to try some abstract silhouettes and I was pretty into that so it was fun to work with that idea. We were honestly just playing with light and posing and seeing what worked and what didn't. He was showing me a new artist during this set so it was easy to get lost in the vibe. I think it's all about letting go and performing and then seeing what worked for the team in the end.




Sometimes I'm thinking of things that have absolutely nothing to do with the shoot. I usually just try to put myself into a mood that fits the pose best. I've been trying to work on my moody expressions and that day, the confidence was turned on! Fun fact: Viktor is also great at posing too and sometimes gives some insight to help out.  

My favourite photo is [#18]. I must say, that whole photo set was one of my favourite shoots ever. There is just something about the light and me remembering how bold and confident I felt during that specific set that makes me love it. The white outfit against the white background, the form and curves from the pose, my gaze, and the light on my skin just screams at me. I do remember that we were listening to Deftones and chatting and then I would try hitting the strongest pose that came to mind in that moment. It was exhilarating in a strange way; maybe because it takes me some time to get into that state of mind and I was so proud to be there.



It was super rad to see Viktor again and to shoot a level up. Personally, I felt that not shooting with him for a while made it super prime the second time. The whole time I was there, I just kept thinking of where I had been before and how far I have come in this freelance life a year and a half later. I think it's super easy to keep moving through life because you can't really see where you've been and where you're going because you're… you; if that makes sense at all. 


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