I wouldn't have the confidence that I have now without the good feedback I get after a photoshoot and all the experience I have.

It is hard being a girl sometimes, but only if you want everybody too like you, which is almost impossible, and no I was not always comfortable in my skin because all the celebrities who impose the "perfect look" but but once I stepped into modeling and all the employers liked me for what I really am, and not what I should be by some made up standards. After that, being a girl became a lot more easier.




Working with Vanja is always fun, even though I maybe look serious in the photos, half of the time we just cannot get serious.

When I'm shooting, I wear what photographers think looks best of course, but if you see me on the street, I will be wearing a baggy t-shirt and some comfortable sweat pants.

It is cool of you to chose to do another featuring with Vanja and me, thank you!


Snezana Vrbaski // misfitkid_sne //

Vanja Jimmy Ivosevic // ivojimmo // //


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