I am ultimately in love with myself. The older I've gotten, the more I've gotten into myself and appreciate all of me. I cut my hair three years ago which was the best decision I've ever made, especially for my profession. I look in the mirror everyday, twerk, and say, "you're beautiful" for my daily boost. 

In modeling, it gets hard especially in the fashion genre because they want you a size two and I have hips. I've always been a free spirited person outside of modeling. Being nude is a form of being comfortable with people. Artistic nude photos are becoming huge and because I am known for it, a lot of people reach out to work with me. Doing what I love and being nude is the best part about my life! 

I first cut my hair in January of 2010 with just a buzz in the back and bangs (it was the style then) and I was natural. [I] was tired of all my hair and wanted something different. I was addicted to cutting it and at the time, I went through a big life change. Everyone said I had a tiny head and would look cute (laughing). It was a release and I found myself so beautiful. 

When I was signed to Americana Model Management, I was chosen to be in China Fashion Magazine that you can purchase online and in Soho. I was chosen as the first African American model to be featured. We wore lingerie made by Make Body USA, that was made for women to lift your breasts and shape. The photoshoot spread also had a runway show for the release and was amazing! 




One of the most challenging aspects of my work, but one that I am truly grateful for is: Being judged. The only reason I have gone from free runway shows in DC to paid featured roles in LA is because I took a chance. It's so scary to not let the critics get to you, but it pushes you to prove yourself/others wrong. 




I'm optimistic about life in general. Anything I want, will happen because I have spoken it into existence and have faith behind it. I've seen my life change so much in 3 years. Anything is possible! 




The end of civilization will be caused by: People not allowing to love freely and accepting change. 


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