The day was quite moody and bipolar; it rained, then stopped, then rained but that was not going to kill our vibes. The chemistry was there, we fed off each other and it was a fun shoot. Felt like we have known each other for a long time so everything just flowed nicely. One of my favourite shoots I've done thus far. We had great communication.

She is very photogenic and from her pictures I could tell she is very confident and very passionate about the art. I really love a model who is confident in herself, very creative, photogenic and willing to experiment or try different things.




For me, setting or location is the most important aspect whenever I shoot and that makes coming up with ideas much easier for me. The fact that I have access to unlimited backgrounds and props all around me add a relaxed feel to my photographs and increases my creativity. There is no end to what is available for me.




The gold shorts were all Sibyl's idea. I sent her a mood board of what I was trying to do for the shoot and we came up with certain pairs that would be great. At first I didn't like the gold shorts but I trusted her judgements and it worked great.




Just want to thank you for letting me talk about my work. I plan to continue growing as an artist and keep on creating good content for the future.


Sibyl Sharp // sibyl_sharp

Thompson Ukpebor // thompsonlxs_


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