I have been modeling since I was twelve. I would say confidence is a key factor to be a model or anyone in this industry. I would tell others to always believe in themselves no matter what others think. When my confidence wanes, I always think that I can do it. In my mind and myself, you must believe that you can even when times are low. I would have to say my confidence comes from my mom. I was always teased as a child for being different. My mom would always say it[s better to be different than like everyone else; always hold your head up.I have always looked up to her and she always brought me so much confidence for myself .

The physical demands for me was very hard. I really don't look like many people so it was hard. I am half German and half Korean. I remember always being asked, "What country are you from?" Or people in school making fun of my appearance. It took me a while to be very comfortable in my skin and who I am. I have now accepted you can't change who you are or what you look like. So yes, it was a process but I have learned so much about myself.




I am actually most comfortable being nude. I love shooting nude because you can change your body and emotions so much. The most memorable thing I wore was in Sandro's shoot in Milan for a fashion shoot. It had so many belts wrapped around a dress, it was so fashionable. I loved it. It just had the coolest vibe to it.

I have been modeling so long that I am comfortable doing location and studio shoots. In public, I have had some problems with people but I actually love doing both. I have dealt with it pretty well because I have modeled so long.




The thing I am most grateful for is to be able to show the art to others. I love to share my work with others and get good comments and bad. I am just happy others enjoy my work and that I have a voice for others to see. The hardest thing, of course, is hearing I didn't care for that. I love to hear what others think; it helps me as artist.




I am very optimistc. I love creating new work and having others see my work . I just love creating, it's one of my favourite things to do as a artist.




The end of civilization for me is to not be who you are.I think people should be what they are and be confident and show others what they are to stand for something. A world without art would be it for me .


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