I believe this was my very first shoot in a new city, since leaving Calgary. I was at the time reaching out to the modeling agencies in the area, with little... actually it was more like straight up no response at this time. I am pretty confident that this was one of many late night Model Mayhem shoots to fuel my addictions when times were dry.

In the end, honestly, it turned out to be pretty satisfying shoot.

If I am being honest, with the images that came from it, it has managed to stay one of my favourite shoots 'til now. Can't really pin point why, as I have had a good handful of shoots that I have been more than happy with.

Perhaps because we never did manage to pull another shoot together with one another. Perhaps this was just a hit it and quit it.... a "whambam, thank you ma'am."

Never crossed paths.

Never even spoke again.

Kinda odd.

Maybe it's the mystery of the whole interaction, or lack thereof that keeps the shoot and the images from it, up on a tiny little pedestal in the corner, in some shadows.


Stu Kerr // stukerrphoto //


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