I found Mia on Instagram a few weeks before I flew to London. She had an elegance from her pictures that I wanted to capture on film. I shot her in this beautiful, minimalist loft in London with crazy amounts of natural light in the morning. It was perfect. Mia arrived around 10am, perfumed and styled in a bright red coat that I incorporated into the shoot at the end. Her delicate posing and the gleaming morning sun pierced through my viewfinder. I pressed my shutter again and again, shooting three rolls of film within two hours.

I was eager to see the shoot and developed the film the same day. There's tonnes of places that do one hour developing in London. I got the pics back later in the evening and it's been one of my favs from my Europe trip.


Mia Liberum // mia.liberum //

Stefan Legacy // stefanlegacy


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