Working with Lindura is very chill, and very relaxed. I have never met a woman that was more confident and more sensual. I've been shooting her since I started doing photography. The thing that caught my eye about Lindura is that when I look at her, I know she has no ceilings when it comes to being versatile with concepts, styling, hair, make up, without make up, etc. She's genuinely a beautiful person not only physically but spiritually as well. When I shoot with anyone I like to feed off their energy to feel them out for a bit. Sometimes I encounter women who can be insecure about themselves and need some uplifting to get them going. Not Lindura. Once the camera was on her, she was ready. And to be honest, I shot twelve hundred photos of her that day and in no way I'm exaggerating that I don't think one bad photo came out of our session. Not one...


Lindura // official.lindura

Sean Diamond // seandiamondto //


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