As long as I'm working with good people, then I'm never in a rut. I don't really draw my confidence from any source. I just look for the best light, best angles, best moments I can find. If I'm thinking about a final result, a big flashy statement, then I'm not really in the moment, reacting to what I'm seeing, making good choices.

I like old fashion magazines. Most of them were either for, about, or focused primarily on women. I'd rather shoot images that have that feeling than anything modern or contemporary. A part of that probably comes from wishing I was alive in another era. It's easy to idealize the past. It's a little harder to use the look of the past to project an ideal, but not much harder, and fashion is all about a projected ideal. Some people create that ideal with high-gloss, high-key, high-budget shoots. I do it with old film stocks, old lenses, and models that feel like they fell out of another decade.




I usually just communicate through other photographs. Good inspo is everything. Trying to describe a look or feel with words is never as accurate.

On a work level, my favourite collaborators, models, etc. are usually pretty fearless, adventurous, and funny. I've noticed this about most really talented people - they're not the types that sit around and get waited on. They're the types bussing trays, putting in the effort. On a visual level, I usually try to work with people that look a bit timeless. It's not just what they're born with - it's their style too; they have a spirit that transcends the present.




One of the most challenging aspects of my work but one that I am truly grateful for is: Scheduling anything. Everyone's nuts all the time, but I'm grateful for schedules or nothing would get done.




Yes [I am optimistic about the future] and no. We're at a time when I think a lot is being challenged and that's good. But it also means new obstacles for art. I don't think art has to be daring, bold or offensive to be good, but if we get to a point where it can't be, then we're in trouble. Though the news is totally different than how the world actually feels, and on the day-to-day, everyone has great energy and spirit. That makes me optimistic and happy.




The end of civilization will be caused by: Easy. Trump supporters, or their future kind.


01 // Kiley Garcia // kiley_garcia
02 // Corrina Feury // corrina_feury
03 // Corrina Feury // corrina_feury
04 // Isla Sullivan // isla.sullivan
05 // Marissa Borovay // marissaborovay
06 // Victoria J. // victoriaejacobsen
07 // Brooke Eva // brookeva_
08 // Isabel Lawson // isabellawson
09 // Corrina Feury // corrina_feury
10 // Violet Paley // violetpaley
10 // Uncredited
11 // Scarlett Lillia // scarlett.lillia
12 // Brooke Eva // brookeva_
13 // Mery Nikolova // merynikolova
14 // Bridget Avildsen // bridgetavildsen
14 // Alanak Schoen // alanakschoen
15 // Corrina Feury // corrina_feury


Sal Moriarty // lovebombed


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