Choosing Kyra for this shoot could not have been a better choice for the look and feel I wanted. I had worked with Kyra in the past on a location shoot and I realised instantly that we had a very good connection in terms of the outcome we wanted from that shoot.

Knowing that Kyra was super laid back and had a very confident attitude, not only about herself but in what I wanted from the shoot, I knew it was a good choice. 

We were very open to ideas from each side on this shoot but I had gathered up a mood board and Kyra was eager to bring it to life. Myself and Kyra are very happy with the results and I hope you are too. 

Being able to create a friendship with a model is important whether it be over music, the industry, or just the general getting along as two creatives. But when it comes to a shoot like this, it's important to to make them feel comfortable too. 

So as a memorable moment, I would say the most memorable bit is what you come away with after meeting someone who has the same vision as you. That's a memory. Oh, and Kyra loves Pringles and Kinder Bon Bons! 


Kyra Elton // kyra_elton //

Rob Walker // robwalkerphotography //


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