Confidence isn't easy to come by. Growing up, I was an awkward kid who got picked on a lot. It wasn't until high school that people started to notice me. It was a weird transition for me. I'm still not really used to people telling me I'm pretty. Putting yourself out there doesn't mean everyone is going to vibe with what you are doing, there will always be that one jealous person that just doesn't know how to keep their negative comments to themselves. I still get people talking negatively on my page and just being hateful. I have to consistently remind myself that I'm doing this for me. Everytime I post a picture of my backside I get ready to read the comments about how my butt is fake or how I'm just like all the other girls out there. The key is to stay true to yourself and keep the end goal in the forefront of your mind. I can honestly say my best friend, soulmate, and sister Lex has always been my biggest fan next to my mother. She always has the right words and says them at the right time. She has been an inspiration and huge motivator for me. What she says I take to heart. Positivity is the only way to keep pushing forward. Complacency and negativity keep you stagnant.

It's hard sometimes to stay motivated. There are so many girls out there chasing the same dream. I just have to stay focused and remember that everyone has their own journey. I feel like it's refreshing for fans to see another side of me. They tend to respond well to it.  




I never felt comfortable taking pictures. I never liked how I came out. It was just weird for me. It took a long time for me to be okay with myself being fully out there. It's all about accepting yourself and not caring about what others have to say. 

Women always have a part they hate. Trust me, I do too but I try not to focus on them or I hide them. I have stretch marks and cellulite just like the next girl. I try not to hide it and any negative feedback I get about them I tend to lash back. It's about not being fake and overly shopped. It bothers me when I know a model has retouched every part of the picture to make herself feel more comfortable with posting it. People who follow my Snapchat see me with no makeup and crusty eyes.  

I've never fit into the conventional idea of beauty. I hope the little that I have done has opened up some eyes as to what beauty really is. Society has this skewed presentation as to what they believe women should look like. No one is ugly, you may not personally find them attractive, but to someone that person is the most beautiful creature they have ever seen. Girls have message me saying that I've inspired them to be more comfortable with themselves. That means more to me than anything; the little I do helped push someone to have a positive body image of themselves. Curvy, thick, slim, fit, etc, it's all perfect.  




UndergroundNYC and I started working consistently with each other to help build and test stuff out that we both wanted to do. Shooting in the train station for the first time with him a while back was super uncomfortable. --Not because of him but because this is NYC and even though you grow up seeing a lot here, seeing a girl in a bodysuit with her cheeks hanging out isn't a daily occurrence. It's not normal. He pushes the boundaries a lot when it comes to shooting underground and what he shoots. He coined the idea and now every time someone posts a picture of themselves in a station people assume it's him. I've learned a lot from him and he has pushed me to want to be a better model. 

The first time we ever shot together, a female MTA worker told us I was distracting and that I should put clothes on. Unfortunately for her there are no laws against what we were doing or how I was dressed. There are many times we have been out in the open and crowds would gather or take pictures of me. Even though NYC is pretty much a liberal city, it still gets weird being in public in a bikini. It's just not normal here. 




Some people just look and keep it moving, others will stand and watch. It's super uncomfortable when you have some guy standing there watching and wanting to take pictures of his own. We will normally stop what we are doing until they leave. Emotions come off in pictures and you will be able to see that the model wasn't feeling it. We are really good trying to get the more revealing pictures done in public really fast. We ignore what they have to say and keep it moving. 




One of the most challenging aspects of my work, but one that I'm grateful for is: Staying creative can be a challenge. I feel like there are a lot of girls out there who will just find a shot and copy it. It's okay to feed off someone else's creativity but you have to make it your own. I want to push myself to move out of my comfort zone more. Your work is your craft and you should be working at being the best you.

I'm really grateful for the people who follow me and see something in me that they like. My followers and fans are the ones that keep me doing this. If no one like it I may have never been motivated enough to keep going. They are the reason people have recognized me, offered me work, etc. I owe them a lot. Next year I have a lot planned and my hope is to give fans an insight to my personality and what I like to do in my leisure time.  




You have to stay optimistic when you think about the future. Who wants to look ahead and be negative about where they want their life to be? It's only natural to want the best for yourself. We have to keep the vibes positive. I'm a strong believer in the power of the universe and energy. You get want you give. 




Ending on a positive, the end of civilzation will be caused by: I don't want to be that weirdo who is super paranoid but I feel like technology is going to take over; robots will be our downfall. 


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