Ever since I was little, I never understood why people think you'll ever have one job your entire life. I figure, I'll be here at least one hundred years, might as well explore and develop as many talents as I can. Being born on this beautiful planet, but living to be a slave to the system isn't good enough for me. Sounds strange, but my biggest fear is living an average life. No nine to fives, no "one job," no "one home"... Shit, I don't even want a husband! (laughing) I have always been very independent and always believed that people had more control over their life than they imagine. I've always told myself I also wanted to just be paid for being me, and I will never settle less than that! I want the world to take me as I am instead of having to fit to some predetermined, "American dream" mold. 

I hate rules and being told what to do and how to do it. When you're motivated with a goal, this shit is 24/7! When I think of working for someone else, I just imagine how I'm helping them build their dreams, draining the time I have to conquer my own. When you're a creative person, life has no boundaries. Being an artist is probably one of the only occupations you can really do, and be whatever the F you want!

I was always creative my whole life. I was always " the artsy one" & my friends used to bring me their notebooks and textbooks for me to doodle on. I would get fucked up and draw tats on everyone at the party. I was always that girl at the party with the camera capturing those drunken candids, which I look back at now and they're surprisingly dope (laughing). But living in a white collarish kind of suburban town, I never knew a creative career was even an option so I went to college. About this time last year, I remember lying in bed and I couldn't shut my mind off. The only way I could explain it was like a pinball machine and ideas and thoughts were bouncing around my head. Ends up, my creativity was bottled up and just couldn't be contained any longer. I had realized I was neglecting my creative needs! Right then and there I decided I wasn't going to pursue my career with my psychology degree and I threw myself back in the arts and I'm never turning back! It's up to me to make my dreams come true. I think with the correct mindset, a great work ethic, and tunnel vision to success and goals, anything is possible. So you might as well work your ass off 'cause no great lifechanging chances come twice! 

I have this unexplainable, unquenchable need to create in any way possible. The world is transparent to me. It's a blessing & a curse. Can you imagine having to carry that weight?! Creativity has became my outlet. We live in a sick, sad world, you know! 




Anybody can pull anything off with confidence. There's something captivating about somebody with confidence that allows people to wonder what obstacle that person overcame to feel so proudly about themselves. You can only live up to your dreams and aspirations if you have the confidence to do so and a person's confidence can dictate the events in a person so it's always important to maintain that self-esteem. Know your worth, and don't settle for less! Find every single great quality about yourself and work to enhance these qualities. What's even as important as confidence, is being humble... but humble with a hint of Kanye!

My confidence comes from my desire of the woman I strive to become. When I see myself in five years, I see an independent, head strong, respected, and achieved woman who has the world in her hands full of opportunities. Of course I have moments where I lack confidence and I'm feeling uninspired, but reminding myself of my target goals and what life will be when I achieve these dreams keeps the fire under my booty. It's always important to me to try to be a better person than I was yesterday. Also listening to The Weeknd helps. I like to think if I'm trying to get The Weeknd to wife me, I've got a lot of work I need to do... (kidding... not really). More seriously though, when I'm not feeling confident is when I'm not feeling inspired, I travel. I've learned that I cannot live in a place longer than two years.




I actually wasn't always so comfortable with my physical appearance. You know those teen years when your body is pubescent and being pumped in with hormones and a lot of booze & drugs you never look your best (laughing). It's in the past few years that I really changed my lifestyle to really work on my body and health through daily exercise and diet! 

I've also come to accept that I will never be supermodel thin and will always naturally have an athletic build. I'm really trying to accentuate my booty and thighs lately cause this chick wants to join the thique clique so bad, and my ass will be in the gym until l get the invite. : P




I am actually a huge fan of NWA… particularly because I find it so inspiring how although their rap music was deemed as violent and harmful to American society, however reality at that time was the main inspo for it all. They weren't lying when they said they are the realest. The crack epidemic, Los Angeles Riots, Rodney King beating, in the late 1980s to the early 1990s... It all became the fuel of their rap music! And look at how large their impact on society at that time was! 

I think that not accepting and tending to my creative needs in earlier years explain my drive right now. I literally feel like I'm overflowing with creativity. Hey world, thanks for the tragedy... I needed it for my art!




I think it's important to be well rounded and to expose yourself to as many different experiences, talents, and life lessons as possible. It's important to learn how to adapt and just keep learning. To erase those imaginary boundaries put up by society and just keep learning and go with the flow. Don't limit yourself. People will always doubt you but never doubt yourself. You can never do too much, and anything is possible..

And although I am involved with a lot of different aspects and mediums of art, I really am only one thing: An artist! I really don't know how to do much or what I really am doing half the time. All I know how to do is to listen to myself, trust my intuition and create. 




One of the most challenging aspects of my work but one that I am truly grateful for is: My versatility. Sometimes I feel so scatter brained and I find it difficult to manage my time with so many different projects going on. From modeling, designing & selling crochet kinis with my sister, to recreating dope clothes & running Planet Perlz, to having a real job, and having time for my freelance art and photography work! However, I'm grateful to be done and graduated with college though now so I have more time to work on all the things I want to. I know that if I narrowed my energy toward fewer goals, I would achieve them quicker. But I'm working on managing my time and schedule so I tend to every project because I really don't know how to pick one thing to do. Is it too early in my career to need a personal assistant...? 

I'm grateful for it though because it adds to my talent. And plus, I do almost everything myself so I have learned (and still have so much more to learn) about so many different creative industries and aspects of business. I'm definitely one of those hands-on people who learn so much more through experience so I really wouldn't have it any other way! 




I am! Sometimes it may not seem like it, my art can be dark and esoteric but I really am a positive person. I know that if you want to achieve the results you seek, you have to be optimistic and believe in yourself. To keep up this attitude, I'm really careful about who and what I surround myself wit because as an artist, I draw inspiration from every aspect that comes in my life. I have to be conscious to what sort of energies I allow in. Am I optimistic about the future in humanity though? Not so much... Unless we change! 




The end of civilization will be caused by: Humanity. The human on human crime and injustice on this planet is sickening. The governments are corrupt. When the world is run as a business, it will only lead to tragedy. And we have seen this recently through various revolutions around the world! The dreams of a modern man is the destruction of a spiritual one. We probably took off 10,000 years off the Earth in the past 50 years by using all our natural resources up. Shit has been hitting the fan and people need to open their eyes and realize change begins with themselves. I'm over here just waiting for the aliens to land to figure this shit out! 


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