My name is Florence Gibbons and I am originally from Manchester, however this September I moved to London to study fashion marketing at university. I started modeling around two and a half years ago. It all started when I was approached to take part in a photo shoot for Vidal Sassoon Hair Dressers. After that, I joined an agency in Manchester. 

The shoot was a last minuet shoot before I went to London, I have worked with Patrick on other occasions. We get on well so I messaged him asking if he wanted to shoot. We did the shoot in my house and garden! A memory that sicks out would definitely be standing in the garden posing for the photos whilst freezing, worrying about my neighbours seeing me! 




I have always been comfortable in front of the camera as I am into photography myself so know what it's like being the photographer therefore don't feel like I am being judged. However, only recently have I become more comfortable in front of the camera with less clothes as I have been going to the gym and taking up a healthier lifestyle. 

As I said previously, the shoot took place in my house, which I have never done before! There is a lot of light in my home and the garden is very beautiful so I really enjoyed it. I also felt  more comfortable in my house. 




As I am into fashion myself, I try my hardest to be on trend all the time, so I love to incorporate that as much as I can into the shoots I do, however I don't always get a say. I think that my confidence has built up through the years through personal experience. For example, I have taken place in London Fashion week which was a big step for me as it was scary. However, after that a lot of things I was nervous to do were no longer a problem. 


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