I'm twenty-four years old and I'm originally from Texas; I'm a military wife. I'm a free spirit who loves fashion. I'm a bit of a wild child. Growing up in Texas, my mom was my biggest motivator when it came to modeling and dance. I started when I was twelve at an agency and when I turned eighteen I decided to start freelancing and I love it!

For me, I draw my confidence from truly believing in myself and my dreams. I've learned to ignore a lot about what the  "haters" say because at the end of the day, the negativity isn't benefitting me. 

I'm short, so I always knew that it would be hard for me to do certain modeling. My solution to that was to be the best short model a girl can be. Well, I always loved [nudity] but wasn't sure if it was for me... until I got married, strange enough. It's so liberating and it's gutsy art. I love it.




I'm a huge fan of onesies, they make the legs look amazing. Also [I love] my crushed velvet boots from Nasty Gal because they make you feel so chic. The most comfortable thing for me would probably be nude or panties because that's normal to me. 




Devinn was the dopest photographer I have ever worked with. We definitely vibed. What really stood out to me was his attention to detail. He is amazing at his craft. 




I'm very optimistic about the future. We already have many people on this earth that are here for a reason - to change the world. The end of civilzation will be caused by: Humanity because even though I am optimistic, I'm smart. War is human nature, sadly. 


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