I did recently attend an IBMS event in Costa Rica where models and photographers from beginners to some of the best in the game come together. It was such a fun and rewarding trip! I met so many great friends and made so many amazing connections in the modelling industry. I had the pleasure to work with some of North America's top glamour photographers and become friends with some of the top glamour models! I definitely would recommend models to attend reputable travelling events for models. You get great network opportunities and get to shoot around beautiful parts of the world and have opportunities to travel that you may never get! I definitely have more trips lined up to shoot so stay tuned!

Now in regards to this shoot, Ali and I just go for a super natural raw fun look. I went to Ali's place where he has a home studio and he has some really dope props like candy, lollipops, a bubble machine, etc. I basically just had fun and was 100% myself for this shoot. Ali likes the more natural look. As you can see, I wasn't all dolled up for this shoot, I was very much just me. It's definitely liberating to just be able to shoot and be yourself without any rules or guidelines. Of course, some shoots I'm told exactly what to do and how to pose which is part of the job but it's good to add variety and switch things up! Overall, this shoot was super fun and real! I hope y'all enjoy it!!


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