Dave and I actually connected via Instagram back in September when we both were new to CA. He came from Spain and I from Colorado. He has such a gentle yet, intense vibe with his work. He captures his ideals very well. He also does a great job of editing and the finished products that he produces are quite amazing.

The day of was a little bit of an early start. Usually Dave and I are not morning people but we aimed for morning since I was on a bit of a time constraint. We had an amazing makeup artist, Magali It was our first time meeting her and we all hit it off really well. The first hour of us being there, we literally just sat and conversed over coffee and sweet bread. Then we got to shooting and we were going for the summertime vibe in the one and only, City of Angels. All the good vibes and ideas coming together just kind of played off each other. The three of us are also already planning more shoots... can't help it. Those two are amazing.




Well, we know I love bodysuits, so that had to be part of the shoot (what better way than a bright but subtle colour for summer?). The jean jacket is actually Dave's and there was such a summer vibe when he pulled it out that we needed to use it. There is also a tiny little Pabst Blue Ribbon pin attached to it that I almost took with me. The lace and jean shorts was probably my favorite. The lace fit me really and it was comfy. Believe it or not, the shorts actually don't fit me well around the waist but we made it work. I love that on a shoot, we are able to make things work to our advantage without anyone knowing it might have been a struggle but nobody knows because the end product may look amazing.




You are rad. I'm so glad you enjoy the photos. Come to LA... like yesterday.


Nasaya Ceasar // nasayapotata //

Dave Vega // dave.vega //


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