This was my first time working with Poya & the shoot came together last minute. Thanks to the forces of Instagram & how close Poya's studio is to my house, everything worked out in the end and we're both pretty happy with the photos. I was familiar with Poya's style of photography and thought we should create something really fun and chill.

We shot this really late at night because we're both night owls with day jobs (laughing). I did my own hair and makeup and then stuffed all the clothing I could in a bag and Uber'd to Poya's studio.

What stuck out most was the great vibes Poya & I shared upon meeting. We're both very laid back people who like to live in the moment. Poya's friend was in the studio eating Munchies (like gangsters do) and so me being me, I asked for the whole bag (feed the models bro) and the next thing you know I had chips all over my body and we got some hilarious blooper images (final photo below). The entire shoot was just shenanigans.




I knew Poya had a fun & vibrant aesthetic to his work so I brought pieces to mix and match and play with; the watergun, the choker, the highsocks… all with the intention of having fun and embracing our inner Terry Richardson! My favourite shots are the ones with the beany bags (because I was more relaxing than modelling at that point (laughing)). What's key to me is that there is a vibe or emotion conveyed in my work. Once the visual and expressive connection is there with my body and face, the story kind of creates itself, and next thing you know, Poya & I captured the essence of "Nextflix & Chill" in one photo pretty well I think, which is why this (first) photo below is my favourite take.




For me, it's definitely been a gradual process to feel comfortable in my own skin and curves as a model. It's so easy to compare and count yourself out in the modelling industry. At first, I came to see confidence as a "fake it until you make it" type thing and then Bam! You're on a magazine cover! But in reality, faking it wears off when you don't take the time to study, trust, and love yourself first as a person. I'm fonder of my journey and my progress as a professional model above any physical features I have.

I will say that I do like to accentuate my skin tone in my work because I think dark skin itself is beautiful and has a richness in photos that glistens in a way that brings all the boys to the yard... I'm not bias at all though. ; )




Dreams don't work unless you do and life is really too short to be luke warm all the time, especially when doing the things you love! Try new things, erase the edge of your comfort zone, discover and show off all the multiple sides of you… and remember that not everyone will like you, because not everyone has good taste.


Narley Karikari // narleyk //

Poya Marcus R.


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