I like taking beautiful and interesting photos of beautiful, interesting, and confident women. Women are truly fascinating and the highest form of beauty in nature.

Vivian is a friend of several years and every now and then we just get together and take pictures. My workflow is so basic that I can't tell if I I am just a total slacker, or more of natural, go-with-the-flow kind of photographer. On this session, it was just a day where I had said, "Hey Vivian, come over and check out my new pad! It's so charming!" We shot the shit, had an espresso, and took some beautiful photos. Vivian is fabulous to work with! Naturally fit, really brilliant, and funny, and she has a fantastic look! To me, it's just about getting the elements together and then letting things happen. Inevitably, beautiful photos are the result.


Mortonovich // photomortonovich


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