I think we often think of confidence as this self-belief that one will do well or succeed. That has never been the driver for me. My confidence is driven by curiosity and inspiration. Let's say I plan a shoot with a model and she would ask me, "Well what's the concept?" I would say, "I don't know. I don't know you, how you respond, or how you emote, or your personality, or what inspire you." Right? How would one find a concept or an idea without first exploring or experiencing the subject that is an integral part of the aforementioned concept. So often we approach shoots pretty confidently without concepts or ideas. I would spend the first hour "warming up" the model to emote and to find her rhythm with me, then the art will naturally happen, the subject and the moments will drive the creative.

Another source of confidence is that I am genuinely not convinced that people comprehend beauty, so I have this strong desire to show it. I often get this reaction when someone who doesn't know me looks through my portfolio book. First, they experience shock, "Oh my, nudity!" Then a few pages later, it's gone. The nudity disappears from their mind. They stop noticing it, and that's when they experience art. That initial impression, that initial shock, that's from aging in this society. We, as a society, created those views in people, and so when they get through half the book and they realize beauty, I feel proud. And so, I hate words like "nudes" or "boudoir" or "fine art." Those labels are not how I approach my work.

They're two sides of the same coin. Nudity is nudity. Sexuality is sexuality, but they can at anytime be each other. The point here is, let's stop judging and labeling it. It is perfectly pure, perfectly natural. There's no nudity, no sexuality. We are just beautiful in that rawness without any definition or judgement.




Women are fluid. They are responsive and emotive. They put more out there on the canvas. They are more transparent with themselves and their being in such a way that they can become art in a matter of minutes. I like that energy and movement. Men are like mountains. Have you photographed a mountain? It's a different experience.




Choosing the right models is very important. I look for free spirits and inspired individuals. I look for models who understand my work and are not shooting to just post on Instagram. I have photographed all sizes and diversity. I think personality is most important because in moments of spontaneity, it's the personality that becomes a driving force for creatives.

Communication is as important as the photography itself. It's how you put yourself out there, it's how you show your authenticity, it's how you treat people, and it's how you understand and express the art. Whatever you communicate will reflect back in your work. For the most part, I am myself. I don't try to be cool or superior or confident. My main concern is that the subject is comfortable. I want her to feel the freedom to create without judgement, without fear of failure, and with trust and privacy. At the end of the day, if the work doesn't feel genuine, then it will not hold up through time. If the subject doesn't feel comfortable with you, then nothing creative will happen.




One of the most challenging aspects of my work but one that I am truly grateful for is: Dealing with people. You never know who's going to step into your door or how they will turn out. It's all very unpredictable and because of that, I am grateful. Sometimes we create beautiful works, sometimes we don't, but not be afraid to fail. Sometimes, I am caught by surprise by the talent and sometimes it is incredibly difficult to manage people. If you don't enjoy people, their differences and their unpredictability, it will be hard to be a portrait photographer.




I am optimistic because to live is quite beautiful. The future is only as good as the moments here and now. I will test out new mediums for art. I think 2018 will be a good year.




The end of civilization will be caused by: Selfishness.


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