I'm not really experienced with modeling and I think I draw my confidence by how much excitement I gain from creating something new. I've always loved art, and it's so exciting to work with different photographers who all vary in their own individual styles. I've also gained a lot of confidence from the criticism I would get from those who are closest to me. Their doubt in what I was doing just makes me want to do it that much more.

I've always been comfortable with my body. It's such a strong tool for self expression. I like to put myself out there and experience vulnerability. I think it's really daring to expose yourself like that. It's also really thrilling to push your boundaries and to see what you're capable of.




One of the main qualities that I look for in a photographer would be their creativity in how they capture emotion and their overall energy. I like emotional photos, ones that I can relate to in some way. When looking through a photographer's feed, if I find myself pausing at a photo and feeling something, then I'd be highly motivated to work with them in creating compelling images.

I'd prefer shooting in the outdoors over shooting in a studio because it allows me to move around more freely. In my opinion, the photos appear more natural when the wind blows my hair or there's a natural interference in the background. I think the attention that gathers while shooting outside gives me more confidence. I've become indifferent to outside noise and find it adds more authenticity to the photo.




One of the most challenging aspects of my work but one I am truly grateful for is: The freedom to create. Not everyone has this freedom and challenge and so it's something that I'm consciously aware of. It allows me to express my authentic individuality. At the same time, it also enables criticism and subjective feedback. It's this symbiotic relationship of both positive and negative responses that I'm truly grateful for.




It's powerful to follow your dreams and to try new things fearlessly. We're living in a time of such intense cultural shifts that it's interesting to see how societies are changing and how art can be a motivating force in these shifting perceptions. I'm excited to see how radical these changes are and how stereotypes drop from one generation to another with conservative traditions.




The end of civilization will be caused by: The basic characteristics that make us human. The modern world is a reflection of the modern ego. Civilizations have become more focused on building separation instead of collecting the whole. Everything and everyone is connected. I think if we lose our humanity, we lose civilizations.


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