I've been shooting for over six years now, and I have to say that this shoot was one of the easiest and smooth going. As I was relaxing on a sunny afternoon at one of my favourite beaches, inspiration dawned. I wanted to capture the beautiful golden light right before the sunsets, but I didn't want the background to be the typical blue waters. So, I decided that I'd shoot a model on what is locally referred to as "Ironshore." With location and mood set in motion, it was time to search for the model.

Although the Cayman Islands have its perks... beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, and friendly people, finding models on a tiny island can sometimes be a challenge. I knew for this shoot I wanted a local, and immediately thought of Courtney. She's a gorgeous, talented, and down to earth woman with energy to boot. Exactly what I needed! When I reached out to her with the concept, she was ecstatic and I knew right away we'd be able to bring the heat. Even though we'd never worked together, Courtney's the type of model that instantly brings positive vibes to a shoot, and you can't go wrong with that.

The entire collaboration being just the two of us with no stylist or MUA was a fun-filled success. Shot to shot, Courtney was superb and kept the energy going which was certainly needed in 90 F degree weather. The fondest moment I recall was when she was reviewing the captures of the day and uttered, "Michael, why have we never shot together?" to which I replied, "I have no idea but this surely won't be the last."


Courtney Elise // caymanelise

Michael Forman // michaeltforman // michaeltforman.com


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