Confidence in my opinion is not something you have or you don't. It's a characteristic that's in constant evolution, depending on your own actions and how your able to place those actions. For me personally, it's so important to maintain a very natural lifestyle and staying true to my own nature and principles, in every action or shoot I do. If I'm able to look myself in the mirror every day and believe in what I'm doing or trying to accomplish, I always go one hundred percent fueled with confidence.   

Of course, everybody needs a boost once in a while, and when needed, I always can rely on the people close to me, my lovely cat Mush, good music and a refreshing long run to clear my head completely. Then I'm always boosted, fully focused, and ready to go.




I have always been pretty comfortable in my skin. From an early age, I practiced athletics... a lot! Never for my appearance, but because I have always loved to move, especially running. It's just a part of me. It's so important to be able to channel your physical energy in something you love doing. Physically but mentally as well. So until I was 18, I practiced athletics on a high level. 800m and 5k were my favourite disciplines. The competition with yourself to give it all every time, that's what it was all about for me. I still love to run without the competition but just for myself.

Another aspect of being confortable in your own skin is a healty lifestyle with enough sleep and... good food. I love eating, I love cooking and I just don't believe in dieting or something. I just believe in a healty food-style. Trust me, I eat a lot! But the right things: fruits, vegetable, nuts... etc. Not only for my looks but even more to keep my energy level up. It's all about finding your own balance.

So when I model, I'm actually just myself. There's nothing artificial about it to me and that's the way I like it. It's the whole package and it's the image that counts for me, not certain bodyparts that I hope to accentuate.




I admit, [finding a balance is] not always an easy task and it takes effort to make conscious choices. But how challenging it may seem sometimes, I think you have to be able to simplify even the most complex things in life. Start from your own baseline and puzzle the pieces together. Compare it to music. You can make endless combination of 'tunes and sounds', but that basic beat that represents your personality and vision needs the be your foundation in order to get a sparkling harmony. In my life, my modeling and my ambitions, it's a bit the same.




(laughing) I actually feel the most comfortable being naked and natural, because in my opinion, it's the purest look. But of course, I am a girl and I do love beautiful clothing. I've worn some crazy beautiful but so complicated lingerie and other inventive designs of dresses, but I myself, I like to keep things simple. Clothes need to accentuate the person and not the other way around.

And my favourite item? (laughing) You're pobably going to laugh, but it's these old darkbrown Levis-shorts that I absolutely adore. It works a bit like my lucky charm now and then!




One of the most challenging aspects of my work but one that I am truly grateful for is: Staying true to my baseline and not being persuaded to take the easy way out by going for the money or getting hooked to a big commercial agency. I need to have my freedom in order to follow my path and express things my way. I have a clear view where I want to go and how to get there. That's why I am in the middle of starting my own agency and label with my partner. It takes effort but I am more determined than ever that's my way to bring something new and creative to the table. Besides, it's the 'road to' that counts, not the destination.




On a personal level, I have clarity and it excites me to do new things, see new places and live within the moment. I have learned so much the last couple of years, and I am looking forward to what's ahead. I feel ready to give it my all.

On a bigger scale, I think the world needs more creative and brave people to stand up and open up the minds of others instead off focusing on themselves, their ideology or religion. We share a planet together and if we keep on forgetting that, the consequences can be devastating. Let's hope it never comes to that and we stay true to our nature instead of superficial stuff. 




The end of civilization will be caused by: Artificial egocentric human behaviour. If we can't respect or understand nature's beauty and flawless design, we will be our own downfall without question. Understanding and good use of knowledge need to be tools to enforce nature and create balance. Live and let live. Like I said earlier, simplify things. If we keep on taking nature for granted, it will kick our ass in the end.


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