It was a warm afternoon. We had been in the empty house for a while. We entered the room, an artist friend's room who is no longer with us. The place was like a surreal dream; old furniture mixed with modern ones, post modern paintings hanging sideways... Yes, we were in a dream, a photographer's and his model's dream. There, Catt took a seat and suddenly she was part of that surreal room. The warmth in the room began to rise. Catt was feeling more in touch with herself, slowly she let her feelings take control, losing track of time, becoming pure energy. I too became part of the scene, but more like an object. I was there but just looking and taking pictures of that magical moment of pure feminine connection and flow of energy. Time passed, giving way to sunset and with those last orange sunrays we made the last photos of her, now with no clothes, free at last.


Catteryne Leandres A. // cattyl.a

Luis Salamé // luciusphoto84


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