I started model photography around a year and four months ago and at the beginning it was not easy but with time and more practice, I created my own vision and aesthetic. And my confidence comes from my personality. I guess at first I got some comments and criticism and those helped me a lot too. I do not mind about general opinions too much. If I did, I would just be like others but I believe I am quite different. And I am never satisfied with the things I am doing, that's why I am always looking for new and different things to satisfy myself with my work.

Before the shoot, I talk with the models for around twenty to thirty minutes to get to know them. After that, they show me whatthey brought to the shoot. I like this as I have an idea about which clothes I can use and what kind of combinations we could make. During shooting, I explain how to do things but I don't tell them what to do. It's their decision what to do, so they have their freedom. After every scene, I show them the photos and they have an idea about how they look, what looks good, what doesn't, and we continue this way. What might be different with me is that I understand the model and I can see what kind of guidance they might need, and I always try to look from another perspective.




I love white shirts, crop tops, and garters, but what I like most is nude; that's the most personal state of a person. That state shows the person as they are, they cannot hide behind clothes or styles, and nudity is not porn. People shouldnt be afraid of skin.

I prefer natural people, and non-models because many people think that models are super beautiful but they are not. They just work with good MUA and Photoshop artists. and I believe everybody deserves to have beautiful photos of themselves. As long as the person feels good with herself, I can take good photos of them.




One of the most challenging aspects of my work but one that I am truly grateful for is: Creating a different atmosphere for different people. I believe that my technique is the same in the photos but the atmosphere is different and it is really hard to do if you are shooting at the same studio (that's also where I live as a student).




I love life. You just don't know what will happen five minute later, but as long as you know yourself and do not limit yourself, you can do anything you want to do.




The end of civilization will be caused by: I don't think civilization will end, but I believe most of the people will die because of global warming and wars, but there will be some survivors and civilization will rise again even though it would take thousands of years.


01 // Tender Tones // tender.tones
02 // Diana // dianabrowny
03 // Helena // helenacornelis
04 // Tiziana // tiziana0607
05 // Uncredited
06 // Dovile // dovileparis
07 // Uncredited
08 // Uncredited
09 // Uncredited
10 // Tender Tones // tender.tones
11 // Uncredited
12 // Uncredited
13 // Dovile // dovileparis
14 // Uncredited
15 // Tender Tones // tender.tones
16 // Diana // dianabrowny


Leo Xandre // leo_xandre_photography


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