I am eighteen years old and next year will start studying directing/filmmaking. I'm kind of a person who can't imagine a life without art, due to my young age when I first started to do it. I started painting when I was around five and playing piano when I was seven. I tried other fields of art then, such as dancing and at least filmmaking. I realized my interest in visual arts. I love getting mesmerized by beautiful scenes and pictures so that I always want to be a part of them. As I met with Kemal in July 2016, we started to do some shootings and that's how I began modelling.

The photos were totally spontaneous. I never posed for the camera. We always tried to find the most charming places and spent the whole day there. He was just catching the moments that seemed cinematic and had an artistic worth.




We never planned for the poses. He was taking his camera in his hands when he was seeing something worthy and was shooting it. At the beginning I was feeling nervous as camera lenses were pointing me out because he was shooting me just when I wasn't expecting to be shot. But after a few times I learned to keep it natural. It's always the best option to keep acting like yourself.

Humans belong to nature. If you live in a city, the chaos makes you forget where you belong and come from. I love getting lost in the nature; where you can hear your inner voice clearly and find yourself easily or where you can detox your soul. That was one of those moments.




[The location is] a small town called Mordo?an from Izmir, Turkey. It has many little stunning coasts along. Kemal and I were both there for our summer holiday and we met there. Mordo?an gives you a possibility to escape from the suffocating and grueling city life. You can just be with yourself, some good friends, and nature!


Nehir Onay // cucurbitapepo_

Leo Xandre // kemalxandre


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