When it comes to photography, a camera is just an object. It's all in the head. I've always had this mentality of art first then fashion. I like to combine both specially when my clients let me be creative and get weird. Photography is just another medium for me to express my creativity. Life without that creative outlet would be very boring, let's just say that. 

To be honest, my confidence comes from believing in what I do and not caring what much people think. I love being the underdog or being looked down or people not believing in my work.  This gives me all the confidence to become better. I always try to stay humble and make this journey a never-ending learning experience. Once you're satisfied with your work, then there's a problem.  You should always stride to become better than what you are now. This is when I know I'm on the right path. 




Like you said, communication is definitely key in photography; I think it's what separates a great photographer vs a mediocre photographer. I believe part of being a photographer is being able to have a good understanding of your subject and be able to communicate with them and also mold them to how you want them to be or even just get them to show that side that no is able to capture. --That's my favourite part; it's when my subject tells me, "You captured me better than anyone I've ever shot with."  

It was a process for me when I first started this whole photography vs now. It was a bit hard to communicate with my subject in the beginning but shooting with people you knew or friends for that matter helped a lot. I get this extra energy when I'm behind the lens. I just like to have fun and really enjoy the moment and connection with my subject.  




I change my mind a lot, so sometimes I obsess on certain things for a quite period of time then I move to different obsession. It might be an artist thing or it's just me. There are two qualities that I'm drawn to, the eyes and eccentric personalities.

Shooting on a whim and not thinking too much when I shoot. it makes each image unique on its own way. I am my own worst critic. I'm hard on myself and my work but that helps me work harder. 




Always [optimistic]. I'm planning to evolve more as a person and as an artist. Hopefully do more gallery work and small art shows.




The end of civilzation will be caused by: Social media.


01 // Sydney Ladd // sydneyladd
02 // Faith Picozzi // faithpicozzi
03 // Faith Picozzi // faithpicozzi
04 // Dino
05 // Uncredited
06 // Uncredited
07 // Camille // camille1402
08 // Isabella Farrell // ballerinafarrell
09 // Sydney Ladd // sydneyladd
10 // Untitled
11 // Uncredited
12 // Camille // camille1402
13 // Uncredited
14 // Isabella Farrell // ballerinafarrell
15 // Uncredited
16 // Sydney Ladd // sydneyladd
17 // Untitled


Larsen Sotelo // larsen_sotelo //


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