This shoot was one of my favourites. The location was perfect, and I loved all the looks we did, especially since Kris brought wardrobe that was entirely my style. 

Admittedly, the first shoot with a photographer can be a little awkward, but I felt completely comfortable with Kris; I was able to be myself. The overall vibe was mellow and easy. It gave me the feeling you get when you're dancing in the mirror and loving yourself. It just felt really good in front of the camera. I was very relaxed and I knew the photos would be amazing.




Dani and I met through Instagram. I came across her profile, really liked her natural look, and sent her a message to see if she would be interested in arranging a shoot. Dani agreed, and we exchanged some sample images for inspiration, all with informal looks and interesting styling. I also located a great apartment in Brooklyn for the shoot. It was comfortable, eclectically furnished, and most important, had good light. 

I like to get involved in styling and brought a lot of wardrobe that would allow us to collaborate on looks. Dani tried on a lot of different pieces, and we decided it would be best to keep everything very simple.

Dani's fairly new to modeling, but she has already developed a casual, unpretentious style which I find refreshing. She was very natural and relaxed in front of the camera, and didn't wear a bit of makeup.

We're both very pleased with the results and look forward to an encore.


Dani Mari // danimari
Kris Rodammer // krisfoto_ //


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