The hair! She looks like the 4th member of TLC… TLCK. But really, I think we were destined to meet --we have the exact same 1990s Sergio Tacchini windbreaker! Oh the rarity! We now are part of a two-person squad known as Oruga Gang. It derives from an inside joke about caterpillars… in Spanish.

Our first shoot seemed to be well-planned for some cool shots in downtown Los Angeles, but the locations did not work in our favour and I thought that we were going to have to reschedule as we drove around for over an hour looking for a good spot to shoot. Luckily, the park near my place proved to be a perfect location, providing great back light, shadows and unique and simple backgrounds. The laundry room is within my community so after these shoots I have learned that there are many treasures right under my nose and you can create art anywhere.




The outdoor look was just the common route of cute and sexy with an ironically titled shirt. It worked well with the playground setting. The laundry room shoot was a spontaneous act while we were hanging out one day so we kept it simple and used the settings and attire we had at the moment. I knew the laundry room would be a great area to contrast her complexion with the white walls and shapes. The late sun peeked through the windows and doors for wonderful lighting to create a moment that felt like a Carlos Santana music video.


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