When you photograph sex workers, reputation is everything. The girls I shoot love their photos and share that on to others. Simple. I have a few influences but mostly draw confidence from myself. I've just always enjoyed photographing beautiful women.

Others enjoy taking pictures of cars. Not me.

I don't look for models; they contact me. For that reason, every shoot's different and I approach it that way. Mostly I'd say shoot what you see. And point your toes. I go into shoots with no plan whatsoever and just let the session unravel by itself. It's more fun that way and I think a lot of models enjoy (and hopefully appreciate) my relaxed approach. I'm rarely stressed.

I'll shoot whatever a girl's wearing (or not wearing) It all ends up on the floor anyway.




One of the most challenging aspects of my work, but one that I'm grateful for is: Models giving me their total trust and artistic control during a shoot. It breaks down the barriers to what can be achieved and that's really important.




To quote Joe Strummer, the future's unwritten. Hope for the best, plan for the worst and just enjoy now.




The end of civilzation will be caused by: Facebook.


Karl Clifford // karl.clifford // karlclifford.com


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