You can always be confident on a technical aspect, you know about your camera or the light, but when you interact with another person it is quite difficult to be sure of where you are exactly going; it is also what makes all the beauty of certain moments. Uncertainty makes possible to try and dig new aspects of your work, both for the photographer and for the model. I feel lucky because until now I have never really felt blocked in any shooting. When a moment does not really unfold as I could have projected it in my mind, I remember advice from a close friend working in the fashion industry. She told me to never get stuck, change place, outfit, anything that will keep fluidity and comunication with the model.

It is true that women hold an important place in my work, simply because they manage to inspire me in certain situations which I can very naturally build a story around. I practice a form of photography that is quite intimate and I love to be able to get to have this closeness with the model, therefore, it leaves even more room for the imagination of the reader.




Communication is clearly the key when one has a clear idea of the outcome. To be completely honest, I obviously have a certain idea in mind before starting a shoot, but it is obvious that when we share work with a model, its personality and perception may vary from mine. It is therefore important to identify this person, talk, exchange ideas, and in my case, I leave a lot of space to the protagonist.

My personal interest is to transcribe more closely her personality through my eye. It's always about exchange.

I am obviously attracted by certain aesthetics of clothing by my personal tastes but especially to complete and agree on my work. Beyond a decade or a choice of material or shape, I am more obsessed with colours to support the image, to see a set in a very graphic way.

Interaction is very important, it will be to the advantage of a session when everyone takes pleasure, brings ideas, enters their character, and goes home with nice shots. I have no real criteria defined for the choice of the model. Of course, certain profiles are obvious and you know that they are matching with your own universe, but in general I choose rather by feelings.




One of the most difficult aspects of my job, but one of which I am really grateful for is: Maybe the need to adapt and renew oneself, to be brought to question yourself, to try new things and to not be static. I have great respect for photographers who have an established notoriety, who master their own style, but who still seek novelty and surprise the public after time.




I am very optimistic. It depends on what future we are talking about, but concerning that of photography, and art in general, I am extremely optimistic, yes.Just because of what was said earlier, being productive and fresh are necessary things in the new market, and I believe that new generations have understood it and know better than ever how to be autonomous and free.




The end of civilization will be caused by: To be completely honest, I never really ask myself that question, and I will still wait a bit for that.


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