I'm living in Belgium, I love travelling, good music, and beautiful pictures. I was always interested by photography, especially by photography of women. Not especially nude, should be totally with clothes. So, this year I took the decision to start to do it. The weather was cold but sunny. I planned to do the shooting at the Pantone Hotel in Brussels. A beautiful room, sober and spacious. The contact with the model was really natural. 

If my memory is good, I met Margot on her beautiful Instagram. I decided to message her 'cause she looked natural and totally what I wanted. The feeling with Margot was directly good. Fun and serious. I'm looking for the maturity and good feeling. I like when the models are beautiful and a classic style with something different. Sober with a rebel touch. 

I'm in love with women, certainly the most beautiful thing on this world. For me, it totally makes sense to photograph women's beauty. The shoots are simple, and natural. I try to have a chill atmosphere and I like to give the freedom to the model to pose how she wants. Sometimes I propose something if I think it can be fun.  

I like to do beautiful women photography. No way for vulgarity and sometimes the space of sensual and dirty can by small. I like when other women tell me when they love my photos. It's really grateful when model says to me, "I find myself beautiful in your photos."


Margot VDMC // margotvdmc

Julien LRVR // julienlrvr // jlrvr.be


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