Nakedness is freedom. It took me a long time to figure that out though. As a teen, I was extremely self conscious and hated being naked. I have to say, its a relief to have gotten over that. I don't really know where it came from, but I do know how I got over it. I just kinda was like fuck it. Started shooting nudes, hanging around more people who are open minded and accepting of all types and now I feel better naked than with clothes on. I absolutely love showing off my butt. Its the one part of my body I have always loved. It looks amazing in photos, why not show it off as much as possible? 

I'm around so many people who've seen me naked, people who've told me they looked up my work, etc and its just like "oh awesome" It is an odd feeling when people say they're fans or people know who I am though. People close to me have no issues with what I do, they're actually extremely supportive of my modeling. If anyone close to me is quietly judging me, they probably need to look at their own lives before passing judgement on others.

Hands down my favourite wardrobe item has to be this amazing fox head dress my Bubbles and Frown. But I've worn and some awesome stuff, hats and beanies by Pure Filth clothing and Hella Stoked clothing, Badass weed socks by Huf, this extremely fucking sexy lingerie set from Chantelle. I also have a recent obsession with sheer body suits. Of course my favourite thing to wear is nothing.


Jordan Bunniie // jordanbunniie2


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