I'm a strong advocate for the people, projects and experiences that fuel some type of passion and community involvement. I enjoy creating images with talent that want to push themselves to try new things without worry if it will get enough likes or not.

The images and models I chose for this series is all about keeping it simple. Photography doesn't always have to be a big production. Nothing is better than last minute shoots where you just grab your camera bag and a local girl from your home town. Don't plan anything, just enjoy the moments between the camera and the models and use what is around you.

Everyone is always asking what I shoot with so here it is, but don't forget, if you don't know how to use the gear inside and out - no point of having it.

Canon 1Dx Mark II

85mm 1.2 lens

24-70mm 2.8 lens

All natural light and don't really like to retouch. Clean, natural, just play with colours in Adobe Lightroom.

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01 // Lena Jane // lenajne
02 // Yvonne Cheng // yvonnechengg
03 // Abi Rae Stine // abiraestine
04 // Carly Hataway
05 // Cassie Brown // _cassiebrown_
06 // Yvonne Cheng // yvonnechengg
07 // Abi Rae Stine // abiraestine
08 // Carly Hataway
09 // Lena Jane // lenajne
10 // Abi Rae Stine // abiraestine
11 // Yvonne Cheng // yvonnechengg
12 // Abi Rae Stine // abiraestine
13 // Lena Jane // lenajne
14 // Lena Jane // lenajne
15 // Cassie Brown // _cassiebrown_
16 // Yvonne Cheng // yvonnechengg
17 // Yvonne Cheng // yvonnechengg
18 // Lena Jane // lenajne


John Hildebrand // johnhildebrandsicky //


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