I draw my confidence from my close friends, my mother and my fans. They're very supportive and encouraging, I think we all have doubts in our abilities sometimes, it doesn't mean we aren't capable of being confident on our own, it's just nice to have people around that appreciate you. I listen to music when I need a little boost vitamin C (laughing). Music saved my life, and it continues to play a big role in how I feel most days. 

As a little girl, I used to rip off my diapers and run around naked! So yeah, I would say I've always been pretty comfortable. I honestly can't tell you what the "process" is, I just love being nude, it feels so natural and normal. I think of clothing as a fashion accessory, and my body is what I have on 24/7.  




Once I arrive on set, I'm very quiet and polite. I'm a little socially awkward and can have a hard time striking up a conversation with people I don't know, so I usually just put my headphones in, listen to music and get my make up done. I'm not a morning person at all, so I know I have a RBF (resting bitch face) on early in the morning, so I try to make sure I don't scare my scene partner with a grimace! I'm pretty easy to get along with, and haven't ever experienced anything negative on set with my partners. 


Jezabel Vessir // jezabelvessir


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