Confidence. Well, I can honestly say that it has taken me many years to develop the confidence I have now. However, when I freestyle as a dancer, I feel the most confident because it is however I am feeling in that moment. I don't need to think or worry about what the next move is because it is all happening organically. When there is music playing, my body will automatically start moving to the sound that is playing and I go into a state of meditation. With modeling, I truly believe it grasps from both acting and dancing. They're all an art form that falls under the same umbrella and when you combine all three, you will capture a moment that is unforgettable and moving to an audience. That is where my confidence has grown because I rely on all three to create something original and beautiful.

I haven't always felt comfortable in my own skin and it has taken me time to feel more bold and confident in front of the camera. The first moment I can remember was about three years ago when I had shot with this photographer who has now become one of my closest friends. He brought out something that was held on inside of me for so long and he captured it on camera and film. Our relationship grew into something beautiful because we always motivate each other to push the boundaries and create something original.

Over time, I experience more moments in life which creates the foundation to my art. Without heartbreak, betrayal, or joy, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I strongly believe those who travel and experience life are the ones who are the most mature. By experiencing the different cultures in the world, you re able to become your own person and share your life journey with others. For me, that is when I began to feel myself gain the confidence I needed because I had stories to tell through the lens.



My family has always been my biggest support team on my career path. However, I'm very fortunate to have been raised with a family who understands, for they too are in the entertainment industry. My entire family is in the circus, where my mom and dad had actually met while performing for Ringling Brothers. Since I was born, I have always been wanting to perform and create a career out of something I am passionate about. I feel it is my destiny to entertain and bring art into peoples lives.




One of my favourite and most memorable pieces was from the fashion designer Alexander McQueen. The dress looked and felt as if it came out of a 1950's movie. The dress was layered with varieties of colour and texture that made me feel like a queen. It's fascinating and unreal what clothes can make you feel when you wear them. Another favourite piece of mine was for ASICS new clothing line, Jyuni Aiiro. Their new collection is the perfect combination of street and high fashion.




One of the most challenging aspects of my work but am truly grateful for is: That I am my own biggest critic. It is a blessing and a curse in one for I am always trying to benefit and grow as an individual, however it also holds me back because of insecurities. For example, I am always free styling and creating content videos but never release the footage of my dancing out of fear. Social media now can really tackle your confidence by just not having the right amount of likes or views on a piece of art that you released. However, I am always trying to create more and having my new work superior to my last.




I am very optimistic about my future. This is the year of manifestation for myself. I have expressed to those in my life that manifesting will come a long way if you put it out there into the universe. At the same time, you need to put the work and time into your craft to develop a successful career. Coming up, I have a few projects I want to create and release more video content of my dance and modeling.




In my eyes, I hope to see the end of civilization caused by art and creatives. I truly believe that we are all born as artists and just lose sight of it as we grow up because of fear of rejection. With art, we are able to release and express what is truly happening inside, mentally and emotionally.


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