My expectations are as high as it gets but so far I'm not falling behind therefore my confidence is also keeping up and I'm not sure if there's a right or a wrong path. Once you start to think about it, you'll lose your own track. 

I'm actually still working to get to a point where photography as my job will in fact be "creative and expressive." It was obvious and it still is, in other words, makes sense. If that makes any sense.




Maybe I'm just really good at deliberately making seemingly natural situations --which defines human nature even more right? But shooting in natural situations, the only thing keeping me from "freedom" in that point, is taking photos. 

I'll work with anyone or anything that makes sense. 




One of the most challenging aspects of my work, but one that I'm grateful for is: Getting paid well. Self-explanatory right?




The end of civilzation will be caused by: Online magazines.


Jean Pierrot // pierrot //


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