I saw imagery of Jenn on social media and then when you interviewed her. I knew my eyes and Jenn's shape would be a ridiculous pairing, so the royal we made it happen.

Jenn's manager,Chris Medin aproduced the shoot and arranged a location in Venice for us to shoot at. It was a chilled vibe as we had a private residence to base ourselves out of and we didn't have to guerrilla it like I usually do. I quickly walked the location to get an idea of locations and what looks to shoot where. Jenn is stunning and was a pleasure to work with. --Helps Jenn is a natural in front of camera and takes direction excellently, so the whole day was a pleasure.




Jenn's personal style is dope and her good friend and stylist, @Eburnsprepjerks had the looks for us. We went through the options he had and we picked out pieces that I thought would work in locations I was going to work in. Both Jenn's and Eburn's style is original and current, which is hard to pull off but he did it perfectly. My favourite look was the furry jacket, The shoot in the bedroom and on the bed shit was fire.




Music and image making is one for me. Before looking at this photo set, you can open another tab and play this song first.


Jenn Morel // jennmorel

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