Confidence in myself is the main reason I am where I am. It is a difficult fight with yourself and the world, but once I see the results of my work and hear critics, I get more and more confident. And it adds a great value to my work because the more confident I get, the easier it gets to experiment and achieve new things.

Being comfortable in my skin and in front of the camera was definitely a gradual process. When I was first invited to a casting, I couldn't believe that it was happening because, for myself, in my teen years and until my 20s, I thought that I was a very ugly creature because of my imperfect nose and long, thin limbs. Only with a time, I understood and accepted it as my special effect, not defect.




Mostly when I shoot I am in lingerie or a swimsuit, and that is what I love the most. Sheer, sexy outfits that make me feel feminine. Or I'm just nude. That is my most comfortable outfit when I shoot my self-portraits. I'm happy that you have chosen to showcase my self-portraits. It is actually quite a difficult process, because I always need to travel light. It means maximum two lenses with me and no tripod or lighting equipment. I usually make a hilarious tripod out of everything I can find in the hotel rooms - chairs, tables, dustbins, packs of wipes, etc. And then there's a remote control. I used to do it with a five second delay, but then I had to run to get behind the camera and most of the times the picture was not clear. But I enjoy these challenges and I continue to make my self-portraits and who knows, maybe one day I will make an exhibition or release a photo book.




In photography, the communication is more than half of the result. I always try to imagine myself in the shoes of my subjects, so I can predict how they feel as I've been in their place thousands of times. And that is the key - to know how your subject feels, to convince him or her to be comfortable.

I am all about natural and unique looks. I believe that anyone can be shown as beautiful, it is just a matter of a photo shoot process.




One of the most challenging aspects of my work but one that I am truly grateful for is the ability to get to know so many differently amazing and creative people, as well as to travel and to evolve my personality and mindset. To see all the beauty I am able to see trough my eyes and trough my lens, that I want to share with the world.




I am positive and negative equally. I like to think positively, but at the same time I have to use very critical thinking to know what kind of jobs I want to take and where to go. I have to think of all the negative and positive aspects for all my upcoming trips and photo shoots and the editing process and also the people I meet. I am optimistic about my future only when I know what I want and when I have set my goals to reach for.

The end of civilization will be caused by: Most probably of global warming, overpopulation and cannibalism.


Ilvy Kokomo // ilvykokomo


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