I first met Deisy on Instagram. She had just started her modeling career and only shot with a handful of photographers in the San Francisco Bay area. We started messaging each other and I quickly discovered that 1) She's honest. 2) She doesn't take any bullshit. 3) She's confident as fuck. I had a small studio setup in my apartment in San Francisco where I've done hundreds of shoots at, and Deisy came over to shoot with her very awesome and supportive boyfriend, Oscar. We got some great lingerie and implied shots and I was amazed at how natural she was at modeling, even though she just barely started.

I shot Deisy again at my house a week later, and then at Black Sands Beach the following week. At that point, I was tired of shooting at my house so I rented an office space and we got some amazing shots, as you can see below. Deisy by this point is more than comfortable being nude - I think she doesn't wears any clothes outside of the house (don't quote me on that!). From her poise and her form, one can quickly ascertain that Deisy is a natural, and someone not be reckoned with in the modeling community. This is the first set that Deisy has allowed me to show her in all her nude splendor, and hopefully it will not be the last, so enjoy!


Deisy Leon // deisy_leonn

Huy Doan // hmdfotos // //


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