From what I've seen in myself and other colleagues, the process when you start seems easy: you take photos like crazy and your friends and family tell you they are wonderful and you believe it and you start to worry more about what stupid watermark put it on them. Then, when you take it more seriously you prepare, study and observe other jobs in and out of your country and even from old-time photographers and you realize that you have been doing nothing more than trash. I remember three years ago when I graduated from a photography course, I exhibited and talked about my "work" and my teachers mocked my work. It was one of the saddest days in my career and my life. At that moment I could not understand, today I see those photos and I do not know how to remove any traces of them and now I hate watermarks.

That question is very special to me because it has been a year since to the date that I feel that I have defined my style better and where I want to go with it. I prepare myself and I observe what happens around me not only in the photographic plane, I mean in the art, fashion, the music, my travels and itīs all that makes me feel more confident and not for vanity, but because I have passed a process. While there are many artists who are born with a talent, I think I have been developing and has been well combined with my personality that is very critical and it is from this whole process that my confidence is enough to look for new challenges and projects.




I want to say that working with women was something that I did not look for, I started doing documentary and landscape photography. In fact, the first pictures with a woman was something that happened casually during a trip to England.

From then, friends and girls that I knew through the Internet were interested in taking pictures with me. I started with very simple portraits, then things rose to the degree that nowadays I made pictures for nude and erotic photography websites.

Itīs wonderful to reach such a degree of confidence with a person in which I know more beyond their physical beauty and then one begins to hear their smiles, their ideas, their fears or concerns about the photo shoot, the music they like, or even the way they dance or anything else. To give you an example, I remember a Colombian girl who was in my country for a while. She was too sensual and she invited me to her apartment to do some photos. During the photo shoot she talked about herself, she was suddenly walking half-naked from side to side. I couldnīt imagine that feeling, that instant degree of confidence in my life if hadn't been a photographer. I can say that it seduces me - that level or degree of confidence that you can generate frequently with another person that you just met is something wonderful despite being ephemeral, and if besides that, the person is a woman, beautiful, and sexy, itīs great. It's like a drug, although it's also true that there are times when you cannot connect with every model.




My initial process can be as simple as choosing models that look more natural in their pictures. If I see many photos that are very retouched, I'm not very interested because part of my style is to project naturalness.

I define, from my point of view, which they try to appear and which are those that really project what they are.

I also think that now I have very good taste. When I can go further, I explore their Instagram or Facebook. I try to see if it is someone with whom it would be easy to work and then I simply decide for those of which I am attracted, or which I would be interested in knowing. At the end Iīm like a movie director looking for a character who can transmit what I want them to.




I am a very self-critical person, that [the incident where the teachers mocked my work] has not been the only time I have felt that my work was stagnant or that I had doubts and even desired to leave it. I've been worried about being a mediocre photographer and not knowing if I was going somewhere with my work and how to measure it. Followers? Money? Flatter? "Fame"? Number of projects? Today I finally realized that I do not need to compare or look outside, just inside myself and the motivation is that moment when I take a camera again and I start to create images, I went through an episode of cancer six years ago, so I feel very lucky to be able to continue doing something that l love and at the same time I know that photography has been part of what keeps me alive.




I still feel excitement and nerves every time I go to do a photo shoot, To be honest, when I prepare a shoot I become obsessive. There is adrenaline and stress in me. It is like a relationship of love and hate because although it is something I enjoy, there are times that cause me some tension; thatīs nothing special really, but I love to feel that adrenaline.




I used to like to do lingerie shoots, but now it has bored me a bit. I think it's much more sexy and interesting when you can combine that type of clothing with other clothes like small skirts, short jackets, I mean a look that I define as "sexy-casual." That style makes me feel more comfortable and I think it gives more diversity to the type of photos that you can do. As for problems, there were some when [the client] wants me to run a complete fashion shoot - I mean stylist, direction, production but I've learned that it's best that someone specialized in it does it and lets me to just worry about the lighting, the focus, composition, model direction, etc.

Maybe something that is challenging is when I want to do something for my portfolio and I have to coordinate make-up artists, stylists, location, models, etc. I get too involved and that's sometimes very exhausting. That has caused me some problems with people who think that I am too controlling. In the end, it is more rewarding to be able to carry out projects of value and highlight the work of all involved.




After different processes of internal and external criticism that I have gone through, I feel optimistic just for the simple fact that I learned to do the photography that I like and that expresses what I want. That makes me feel optimistic because if there is something I admire in some photographers it is that they remain in their style and the brands (or clients) adapted to them and not the other way around. That's why I know that if I stand firm in my ideas I will be happy with what I do. I try to not prostitute something that I do more for passion than necessity.




The end of civilization will be caused by: I hope with enthusiasm that a new meteorite will do us the favour of falling on the Yucatán Peninsula (Mexico) again and do the Earth the favour of erasing us at least for a moment. Nothing would be better for humans than to start over from scratch and, hopefully, learn from our mistakes.


01 // Patricia Guerra // pattygr89
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09 // Patricia Guerra // pattygr89
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17 // Patricia Guerra // pattygr89
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