I really enjoy the process of working with a photographer and being part of creating something. Knowing you are working with someone who you trust and understanding that everyone's goal in the end is to make art, inspires me and let's me let go of expectations of what "needs" to be captured and instead I enjoy the process and the feeling when you get shots you really love.

Haseeb was so much fun to work with because of his bright energy and enthusiasm. We had communicated for a while before working together which built a rapport, so working together felt like working with a friend. We had a lot of laughs while shooting. 




I've never felt that the human body is something to be ashamed of or to shy away from. Because of this, I feel very comfortable with implied/actual nudity on and off the camera. I think our bodies should be celebrated instead of hidden. As a woman, I think we should change the idea that we are "showing skin" and reconstruct the way society thinks about nudity. We come into this world nude and rely on our mothers' breasts for nourishment. The things that a woman can create and provide for with solely her body are powerful and beautiful, even life sustaining. Nudity is our most natural form and I believe we should all try to embrace it. 


Scarlett Lillia Davis // scarlett.lillia // scarlettlilliadavis.com

Haseeb Omar


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