So me and Chi have been friends for about a year now and we have always planned to shoot and never got around to it. We would have mood boards and specific ideas and when we were together it never seemed to go as planned, but that's ok. We improvised with a lot of art or decoratives he had in his home (the feathers, plants, fur rug) and as it turned out the simplicity of the shoot was refreshing and the art direction almost looked planned. 

Chi has a very specific vision in mind, and style he would like to follow for his portfolio. However he is super open to letting you change his mind and will hear your ideas out. Before shooting we have a twenty-five minute sit down consisting of looking at inspo on the big screen, discussing, chilling - just to set the vibe before we jump into the work. You can really tell if a person is relaxed or not in a photo.

It was his house located downtown Toronto, slightly east. It was a wicked pad with a cute little dog that he babysits for his friend @416shooter. But we were never originally supposed to shoot there, we were supposed to use his studio which is super cool, loft style. But his condo sufficed. 




I am obviously not against nudity. Myself, I more prefer tasteful nudity but if the right artist and photographer came along with the right idea in mind I would be open to taking it a step further for arts sake. A lot of my idols like Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid have recently taken on posing tastefully nude and even fully nude and I think it only shows empowerment so long as it is in the name of art. In our previous interview I think I explained to you how unhappy my family was when I first started all the "artistic" modeling... they seem to be adjusting a little better now. 

I don't want my entire Instagram to be nude, or to be known as the nude girl but shoots are just so much prettier when you can see loads of skin. I think when it comes down to it, I just love skin. But my views on nudity haven't seemed to change since I started. I am a fan and that's all I'll say. As for others work, I could look at nude people all day! Go for it! 


Haley Catharine // haleycatharine // junnnktank.com/haleyleach

Chi Chen // allyoucanchi // 56.digital


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