The shoot day was so much fun! We started in the evening which was perfect for the rooftop shots. I haven't met the team before so it fun getting to know everyone. I was excited to meet Guido because I'm a huge fan of his work and it was such a pleasure to work with him finally. We started by taking a look at the many wardrobe/location options we had and what vibe we wanted. I'd say a memorable moment were the pool scenes. The outfit was killer and so different from anything I've ever shot in. It was funny getting out of the pool and having my hood and pocket filled with water and having to empty it between takes. 

We had so many amazing options for wardrobe, so it was hard to narrow down which ones we wanted. I think in the end we chose some fun, diverse pieces!  So funny you mentioned the red pants; as soon as we saw them we all agreed we had to use them! I loved all the looks because I think they were really versatile but if I had to choose, I'd say my favourite look was the denim shorts and leather jacket because it reflects my personal style a lot. 

I was always pretty comfortable in front of a camera but I think, like most girls, I grew into my confidence, which takes time. I learned to be thankful for the body I have and learn to not wish it was a certain way. The modeling industry can be tough and you have to have thick skin and be careful not to get lost in what is expected "perfection." I've come to value heath and fitness and try to view my body and build my body with that mindset. I listen to my body and eat and workout to be healthy. My favourite parts to show off are my legs and eyebrows. 


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