The last couple of months have been a blur. I still work fourty to fifty hours a week in my salon, so in order to pump out this much work I have been literally working around the clock. Luckily, the packed shooting and salon schedule, and my model scouting for agencies all inspire each other and give me creative energy to put into each outlet. In terms of getting my work published, I think it's the outcome of perseverance and a fresh approach to photography. I am not relying on over-produced images where we were working with full-out production teams. A lot of my work is just me and the model and the camera. I don't compromise either of my artforms, and in being a photographer and a hairstylist, I don't just think outside the box, I am outside the box. I only do what I consider to be cool, and I am looking at things from a different perspective given my background. I won't name names, but I have been criticized by certain well known people in the industry because I don't fit the standard mould of most photographers. I think that is the reaction you have to expect when a guy picks up a camera for the first time, with no formal training, and wants to do it differently. In less than a year's time, my work is being showcased next to photographers that have been at it in some cases for a lifetime, and some may feel threatened. It is to be expected and only fuels my creativity and drive.

Look, for people that don't know my story, I won't elaborate too much. Let's just say that I was born in a small city, and when I was twenty one, I picked up and moved to Toronto to follow my dreams. I faced a lot of adversity (and still do), but work tirelessly to achieve all of the things I wish to. I am not anywhere near my ultimate goal, which is to take this as far as I possibly can. For now, I know I'm making some of the mainstream, cliqued-up "influencers" a little uncomfortable. My plans in the future will evolve, I'm sure, but all I know is that I refuse to be stopped, so we'll see where I am a year from now.

I had scouted Mosha off of Instagram mainly because there was something about her look that caught my attention. I really have to find some sort of interest in my subject in order for the shoot to be a success, and with Mosha, we hit it off instantly. We shot this at her place, and we discussed some ideas and talked about what she was comfortable with, and we basically hung out for a couple hours, talked about life, talked about some of her interests and tried channeling that into some beautiful photography. I can't say enough how naturally at ease Mosha was in front of the camera, and what a nice person in general she was to work with!

I love the record shots as well. My favourite would have to be the ones where Mosha is on the couch. Those shots encompass a lot of what I think makes a photograph beautiful. There's a play on light and shadow. There is blatant candidness but still some mystery to them at the same time, you want to know more of the story. Those are actually some of my favourite shots I have ever taken. The simplicity of the shot and the mood in each of them is really pronounced. There is a natural, raw, unedited beauty in each of those and that could never be over emphasized.

I would love to thank you personally and JUNNNKTANK for giving me an outlet to show the world my creativity. I feel that you have always had your finger on the pulse of what is cutting edge and cool, and not just about popularity. One of the reasons I love your site is because you represent such a variety of talent, regardless of their connections or popularity in the industry, and base it on quality and innovation instead. This is why I will continually support your vision. I hope that other artists see the importance in what you do and continue to contribute accordingly as well. I would also like to thank the other publications that support me, and all of the followers on social media that I don't have an opportunity to thank individually... Thank you!


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