Growing up, I was the middle child of three girls so I was definitely competing for attention at times. I think I always wanted to be heard and observed so yeah, I was a mess of a kid always all over the place. 

It's especially hard now with social media being so accessible to make comments and tear people down. I just look at it like we need to support each otherand when someone is tearing someone else down and not celebrating them, it's because they themselves are lacking that inside for what they wish they could be doing. I honestly have been lucky enough to not have to many haters and I usually try not to get to emotional over the things that they would have said. In the end, they don't know me or anything about me. They know a photo, not the real me. I think for me, a good confidence booster has always been kinda corny, I say when in doubt and you feel gross or ugly, put on something fitted and sexy cause how could that not make you feel good about yourself?




It's so funny cause I have tonnes and tonnes of clothing but usually end up wearing the hell out of the same outfit over and over again, maybe even for months at a time.  I also have my "go to" outfits. I call those "old faithful", you know how you're gonna look, you know how they're gonna fit and you know you will look good in them. My uniform is usually black. I need to branch out I think. Ha. I love wearing dresses and feel most comfortable going out for the evening in that. Either a super short one that shows off my legs or long with a deep v cut.

I think some of the most memorable for the worse outfits would definitely have to be when I was really into super low cut jeans that had a bootleg or flared out. I'm not talking low on the waist, I'm taking like low right above the you know what areas. -That and tube tops, I just can't. 


Gia Marie // missgiamarie


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