Going into the shoot we had somewhat of an idea of what we wanted to do, but the real magic happened once we were in the moment coming up with ideas as we went. We had sent inspiration back and forth based on what we liked as far as style, theme, and wardrobe before our shoot. We had similar tastes, so it was a breeze when we got down to shooting. Glen is super creative and always was coming up with random ideas that ended up working out so well! It's teamwork and we just work really well together!

The vibe was awesome! Put some music on and got to shooting! It really is that simple! We chatted about what outfits to use and decided on a location and then just went from there. We talked during the shoot, asking what looks best and just exchanging thoughts about what to do next. I do my thing, Glen does his and we get an awesome end result!

I was pretty self-conscious for a good period of my life. To be honest, I think I just got to the point where I truly stopped caring what other people thought about me, and just did whatever it was I wanted to do. Whatever opportunities and risks came my way I wanted to take, I took. As I got older, nudity became more and more comfortable to me just because it's natural, and I believe everyone should expose themselves to it at some point in their life... It's very freeing, then you can really be yourself, and when you're yourself, you are confident. 


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