I started modelling at a very young age, when I was around 10 years old. With the time, modelling became something more than a hobby and started being more of a career. One day I had a life changing opportunity when I was being interviewed for a TV show as part of a Modelling Beauty Pageant I was participating in. The lady who was conducting the interviews handed me a microphone so I started playing around with it, having fun. Soon after this encounter, I got a phone call from the producer who wanted to offer me a job on the TV and that's how my modelling transitioned into a television presenter job, a career I followed for about seven years; one of the most unique experiences I had in my life.




I do feel comfortable about myself, whether I'm wearing a dress, jeans, skirt or nothing. I have answered this question in the past when I once was featured as the front cover of Playboy Mexico, another exciting story I would never forget. Anyway, for me it is important to embrace nakedness in a much more natural way rather than seeing it in just a sexual aspect. Each body is unique, enjoy it!

I love my hair. Sometimes I let it grow so, so, so long to cut it and donate it for people who can't grow their own hair. I'm due to a new hairstyle soon.




Camillo and I met and had an instant connection while talking about projects and being creative, thinking on our photo shoot. When it finally came together, we wanted to express some kind of relation between nature and well being, that feeling of relaxation the ocean does for you, the sky or the sun. In the end, we had a really good energy flowing and I hope this session can lead to many more as I really enjoyed working with him and respect his professionalism.

A sunrise over the water will always be memorable, especially at a Sydney beach... This city is magical. It's also quite fun to disrupt people's morning beach run with striking poses.


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